Madcap Administration

Scheduling the collection of milk slowing you down?

As your business scales, redundancy becomes important. Too often, a single point of dependency exists with a handful of people holding all the knowledge.

With Madcap you’ll save up to 4-7 cents per litre/9 - 15 cents per pound of milk collected,
and up to 85% in labour costs.

High efficiency, lower cost.

Optimize the collection of milk and save.

The Transport Scheduling and Route Optimization module of Madcap allows fleet managers to automatically estimate the amount of milk available for pickup from a farm or factory.

Operating from demand based requirements, fleet managers gain access to the actual amount of milk available for collection - via tank monitoring solutions. Loads are then organized manually or automatically to determine the best route and order of pickup.

The Madcap Advantage

  • Reduce carbon emissions through efficient route scheduling.
  • Farms and road conditions stored within Madcap including load limits and geographical conditions.
  • Ability to add or remove new roads and tracks - GPS-based mapping system
  • Estimations are calculated within minutes.
  • Instant scheduling performed incorporating tanker capacity, travel time, as well as load and unload times.
  • Schedules can be calculated with weighting given to several measures including cents per liter or kms/miles driven, most fuel efficient, and least number of hours.
  • Demand from plants can be factored for scheduling pickups.
  • Ability for manual adjustments to allow for local knowledge.
  • Ability to re-route tankers for changing conditions.
  • Ability to see what is on farm and tanker.
  • Re-run schedule for remaining milk if need be.
  • Run details can be exported to other systems.
  • Better traceability and management of the co-mingling and swapping of milk.
  • Ability to schedule pickups for plant to plant scenarios.
  • Real-time integration to Hauler mobile app and onboard truck systems.
  • Ability for third party transport management.
  • Enable centralized management of schedule execution.
  • Ability to integrate with plant-based equipment, i.e. gate, weighbridge, for real time updates to scheduled versus actual events.

Tangible results

Apart from actually purchasing milk, transportation is your largest expense.

With Madcap you’ll save up to 4-7 cents per litre/9 - 15 cents per pound of milk collected, and up to 85% savings in labour costs.

Other Madcap solutions

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