What is MADCAP?

Our comprehensive, integrated suite of modules Madcap (Milk Analysis, Data Capture and Processing) includes milk transport scheduling, milk collection, milk testing and farmer payment. Our handy mobile apps are used by haulers for transport scheduling and milk collection, and by producers to receive their important milk quality and component results in real time.

Our solution is tailored to the dairy industry and is suitable for any size dairy company, from the smallest to the largest multinational, and in any language.

Change is constant - and no truer in the dairy industry. In this video our CEO and Managing Director, Tama Haas, shares his thoughts on the key trends impacting the global dairy industry - now, and in the near future.

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Madcap’s new mobile app

We recently released our new mobile app, which has lifted dairy information sharing to a new level. Mobility is important for farmers, dairy producers and processors, so we’ve made sure our app provides them all essential information.


Key features

  • Real-time notifications – no more text messaging.
  • Message tracking, including what was sent when and who read it.
  • Data is pushed to devices to keep it current.
  • Fully-functional while offline – data is updated when connected again.
  • Users self-register and download the app – no costly setup and admin costs.


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What does MADCAP offer?

Transport scheduling and route management

System Administration - Security

Laboratory management

Job management

Member Relationship Management (MRM)

Mobile Applications

Producer Payroll