Madcap is trusted by dairy processors and producers around the world. Our comprehensive, integrated suite of modules offers value for money and avoids companies having to spend money on expensive internal development. They are also proven to lift milk quality and track losses through timely and accurate information. See for yourself the benefits you'd realise with the Madcap platform.

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Proven value for money

Our experience working with clients and tenders across the world is that our Madcap solution provides better value for money in terms of purchase price, implementation, support and annual licence fees than custom-built or generic solutions.


We are proud to have a best-of-breed solution proven to have superior functionality than competing systems, together with a higher return on investment.

We provide customers with fixed, pre-agreed pricing for implementation and any requested customisation of Madcap. Choosing us as an external vendor provides dairy processors with ring-fenced costs for implementing a best-of-breed milk supply chain solution. It also eliminates the variable costs associated with in-house development and generic solutions from alternate vendors.

Madcap reduces operational costs by virtue of the speed, flexibility and integrated nature of the system. Changes in response to market conditions are implemented in most cases via changes to module configuration, rather than custom development.


Madcap is efficient, robust and scalable; its solutions are currently implemented for processors with as few as 20 suppliers through to as many as 250,000. The resources required to manage a Madcap solution are minimal.


Often the most expensive ongoing costs for any software solution is the maintenance of the relationships between different systems, as varied skill-sets are required to manage these relationships. These costs are eliminated when implementing a Madcap solution because of its integrated nature; all Madcap modules operate from a shared common database. Integration with third party applications is also cost effective, with a fully documented Web Services interface and fully documented relational database structure.

We offer dedicated 24-hour support for Madcap installations at a fixed annual cost. The annual support fee also includes regular updates. This reduces business costs, as it’s no longer necessary to retain skilled (and expensive) permanent staff for ongoing support.

The Madcap solution is fully compliant with country-specific requirements, including the EU quota system, the U.S. Federal Order system and the California quota system. Madcap has also been configured to cater for requirements in other markets, including South and Central America, China and India.


Madcap allows processors that operate across multiple countries, or states or regions within a country, to apply different rules, configurations and currencies as required. This allows a single system that caters for all aspects of your milk supply chain, irrespective of geography. It also allows separate or consolidated reporting and payment processing. Alternate solutions often require multiple instances of solutions to be installed to cater to multinational operating environments.

Madcap manages quality testing regimes, ensuring that testing parameters are strictly adhered to and scheduling and randomising the testing process. Monitoring and trace back allow processors to constantly monitor milk quality according to processor and/or state-specified quality specifications. This functionality is then used to determine payment for the milk (or other products).

Madcap's integrated transport scheduling system allows milk to be procured in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Apart from raw milk, the transport of milk is one of the highest input costs in the manufacturing process. Even a one percent increase in the efficiency of raw milk procurement can result in significant cost savings.


The Madcap transport scheduling system is an integrated part of our solution. Changes in farm, herd or vat size are reflected immediately within the scheduling system. As a result, even small changes can be accommodated in real-time for maximum efficiency.

Madcap monitors the raw milk procurement process and, via its extensive reporting and data collection capabilities, detects potential product losses in the procurement and manufacturing processes. It can even track back to an individual milk tanker or milk vat on-farm.

This ensures the milk purchaser pays for the correct amount of incoming raw milk, not for product that wasn’t received due to equipment failure or unexplained loss.

Madcap is an integrated system that offers on-time and accurate milk procurement, quality and payment information. This ensures management makes informed decisions, particularly about production planning where multiple factories or processing plants are involved.


Madcap also provides forward forecasting tools, based on budgeted milk flows and future pricing considerations.

Madcap provides many tools that really help the Producers by giving them accurate and easy access to their information, in real time. From the Producers Mobile App to the Internet Portal, the producers milk quality and component result are automatically available.


Madcap also provides CRM/ MRM (customer relationship management/ member relationship management), including the recording and tracking of all communication with existing and potential producers. It also has a job management tool that tracks and records jobs and farm visits. Management reporting allows a statistical analysis of the relationship and communication with producers to be assessed at any time.