Introducing our new mobile App

Madcap app raises the bar on milk quality information sharing and traceability.

World-leading New Zealand milk supply chain software company, Contec, has been working with dairy processors internationally for many years. Their comprehensive, integrated suite of modules includes milk transport scheduling, milk collection, milk testing and farmer payment. Their handy mobile apps are used by haulers for transport scheduling and milk collection, and by producers to receive their important milk quality and component results in real time.

Over the past three years Contec’s Madcap (Milk Analysis, Data Capture and Processing) solution – including the hauler mobile app – has been deployed by Nestle as their global milk solution. This will incorporate 31 countries when completed.

To boost these real-time communications, Contec has released an integrated farmer mobile app – the latest asset in its suite of modules tailored for the dairy industry. This app delivers greater functionality than any other currently in the marketplace.

Contec Group Technical Director, Jeremy Ridley, says competitor solutions are driven using CSV files captured from Contec’s Madcap solution and are generally tailored to individual customers.

“They also lack important features, such as they don’t operate in real-time, they rarely work offline and have no management capabilities or traceability,” he says.

He explains that, in contrast, Contec’s Madcap mobile app has several valuable management capabilities. One of the key features is the replacement of SMS texts with real-time notifications that don’t need constant internet connectivity.

This eliminates a constant frustration for farmers, who often struggle with connectivity in remote areas. It also saves dairy companies the costs of transmitting up to three million texts a year to farmers.

“As part of our core messaging feature, users can view what messages were sent when and exactly who read each message,” says Jeremy. “They can also configure the app to show the content and screens they want, to match the main Madcap solution. Milk quality and component results appear on mobile devices automatically, viewable at a glance.”

Other key features of the Madcap app include:

  • · Data on all, or selected, devices can be deployed at any time using a ‘push’ instead of a ‘pull’ model. This populates the information on mobile devices and keeps it current.
  • · It is fully-functional offline. Data for each farm is stored locally on each device, so the app continues to work even when no internet is available. The app receives data updates when the device is online again.
  • · Core functionality can be added to quickly and easily and the app can be re-branded for each client without having to reinstall from scratch. All new features and screens can be turned on and off centrally.
  • · Only the Madcap mobile app provides instant access to milk quality and component results, with users able to configure what they see. This is unique – competitor products are unable to offer this seamless integration between the core Madcap solution and the app.
  • · Users can self-register, after downloading the app from the app store. No dairy company intervention is needed, avoiding setup and administration costs.

Jeremy explains that the app will operate in two modes: farmer mode and company mode. “Farmer mode gives famers access to the data for the specific farms they are associated with only.”

“Company mode allows the app to be used by dairy company staff, farm consultants and any other interested authorised parties, while in the field. Their screens can be customised to show more, or less, data and different screens.”

He adds that development is underway to include CRM functionality that will interact with Madcap’s existing CRM capabilities. “This will mean that dairy companies can perform site visits, farm audits and quality assurance activities, as well as collect any other information they need to improve their interactions with farmers.”

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