Our preparedness for COVID-19

The situation with COVID-19 is unprecedented, and I’m sure like us, you’ve been watching as this evolves.

Technology companies, like Contec, are in a unique position, with software being remotely accessible, staff equipped to work from home, and telecommuting which has been in operation for many years.

Navigating through disasters, such as the Christchurch earthquakes, gives a real perspective of what’s required for businesses to survive. In our experience, what’s most important is immediate and frequent communication with stakeholders - from all sides; having a plan ahead of time, and everyone knowing their role; creating a flexible working environment if disaster strikes; and the right, integrated systems in place to support your business. We’d be happy to share our experiences with you, and assist in this turbulent time.

The team at Contec have implemented appropriate business continuity measures, and will continue to navigate this uncertain time with care, and trust that our staff, families, partners, and customers stay safe.