Madcap Procurement

Are rounding errors costing you?

Offline processes, manually entered data, basic rounding errors, and offline spreadsheets cost businesses like yours - millions.

Take control of your information and remove the ambiguity in your processes.

Traceability from farm to factory.

Optimize the collection of milk and save.

The Procurement Module of Madcap provides for the entry and adjustment of milk production from producers.

You’ll receive reports of the collected volumes on a producer, vehicle, plant, branch, and region basis - as you specify.

The Madcap Advantage

  • Run information automatically imported into the system.
  • Farm and tanker samples are linked.
  • Exception reporting.
  • Ability to assign Federal order pool numbers for plant and silos.
  • Automatic pool designation for producer pickups, plants and silos for a given run.
  • Automatic assignment of customer and supplier contracts for a given run.
  • Ability to manage pooling and depooling of milk.
  • Ability to link separate runs in case of re-routes and pump-over.
  • Traceability for source and destination silos.
  • Loss/shrink control analysis of runs.
  • Ability to integrate the goods receipts to SAP and other interfaces.
  • Definition of haulers and vehicles.
  • Definition of transport areas and plants.
  • Manual or automated entry of loads and production information.
  • Manual or automated entry of vehicle results.
  • Integration with weighbridge systems.
  • Integration with vehicle-based systems for loading milk data and downloading data for printing receipts for producers.
  • Grading based on progressive matrix-based user-defined regimes.
  • Extensive reporting on milk intake, quality and component levels using a combination of parameters.

Free up your people to focus on high value tasks

Centralize the procurement of your milk supply and realise up to 60% savings in labour alone.

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