Madcap Producer Payroll

Manual offline processes costing you?

The calculation of payments for your producers and suppliers is complex. Any errors can be costly, often running into many thousands of dollars.

Is your payment information stored in spreadsheets? Do you find it difficult to manage incentives (let alone reliably calculate what they should be)? Are mid-month ownership transfers doing your head in? Or do you struggle to respond to changes in the market - like new Government levies? You’re not alone!

Automate payments to save up to 60%

Automate payments to save up to 60%

Simplify the management of payments to your producers by automating your producer payroll, and save up to 60% in labor costs - just like Nestle.

The Madcap Advantage

  • Visibility and transparency of calculations and payments.
  • Management of complex incentive systems.
  • Automatic payment to suppliers and third parties.
  • Forecast levies, haulage, and retrospective payments.
  • Automatically handle the pooling of milk.
  • Transmit data files to Federal Milk Marketing Order Agencies.

The Madcap Producer Payroll module delivers

The Producer Payroll module of Madcap automates the processing and management of payments to your producers, and calculates haulage and other third party costs - so you don’t have to.

Parameter-driven, Madcap has the flexibility to be configured to handle the intricate aspects of your payment systems - saving time and money.

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