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Expert advice on the crucial role of client communication

Somdech is an experienced IT support manager, having worked at Contec Group for the past 24 years. Somdech is experienced across all aspects of the business and prides himself on providing exceptional customer service and support to our clients across the globe 24/7.

How do you manage conflicting demands from multiple clients and prioritize their needs?

Upon encountering competing demands from multiple clients, our team temporarily pauses to gather comprehensive details and assess the client's current situation and the MADCAP team's availability. Once this information is collected, we formulate a plan outlining the necessary actions, timelines, and responsible parties. This plan is then communicated to the clients, and our team utilizes a CRM tool to track and manage tasks effectively.

What strategies do you implement to ensure outstanding customer service for all clients?

Our primary focus is to assure clients we can solve any problem they encounter. By leveraging our collective expertise, we strive to overcome challenges collaboratively. Recognizing the value of client input, we actively involve them early in the problem-solving process, maintaining humility and acknowledging that they may possess insights we may lack. This approach fosters enduring and meaningful connections with our clients over time.

How do you handle situations where a client's expectations surpass your team's capabilities?

In such instances, we transparently communicate the delay to the client and explore alternative solutions if available. Clear communication about the reasons behind the delay is crucial, as clients are often adaptable and may even contribute to developing alternative solutions if well-informed.

What sets your client management approach apart from others?

Our distinctive approach involves treating all clients with humility and respect developing a friendly rapport by understanding them as individuals.  We have been around for so long that we have long-standing relationships with many of our clients that have naturally evolved into friendships, but the focus remains on providing exceptional service. Many clients initiate conversations about personal interests before addressing business matters, fostering a stronger and more personal connection.

How do you effectively communicate with clients to meet their needs and provide progress updates?

We employ a multi-faceted communication strategy, utilizing both verbal and written forms. Regular open-call updates are conducted for ongoing projects, ensuring clients are informed about progress and any relevant developments.

How do you uphold consistent support service quality across all clients?

Ensuring consistent quality involves effective communication with both clients and internal team members. Regular review of processes helps identify and address bottlenecks, allowing for continuous improvement. Implementing new procedures and ongoing monitoring ensures that the support services evolve to meet changing external and internal dynamics.

How do you collaborate with internal teams to create a seamless client support experience?

Similar to client interactions, regular catch-ups with internal teams are essential. Offering and seeking help when needed fosters a collaborative environment, ensuring everyone is aligned in delivering a seamless client support experience.

How do you navigate high-pressure situations where clients are under stress?

In high-pressure situations, we employ a structured approach:

  • Listen: Allow clients to express their concerns without interruption.
  • Acknowledge: Demonstrate genuine empathy and apologize for any issues that we have not yet addressed.
  • Clarify: Ask directed questions to understand the problem fully.
  • Respond: Provide a positive response without making unrealistic promises.
  • Focus on Solutions: Emphasize what can be done to resolve the issue.

We understand how important it is to come up with solutions to solve problems our clients may suddenly find themselves facing, e.g., their board has suddenly decided to change their payment, testing, or equity rules and needs these implemented ASAP. Our clients know they can rely on MADCAP and our team to find a suitable solution, which is critical.