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ESG & Compliance

Quickly and accurately track and report on your compliance metrics.

Collect data directly at its source

MADCAP simplifies the process for companies who need to report on their activities for their environment, social and governance (ESG) requirements, or in general for their corporate compliance. With our user-defined and easy to use forms, or provided templates, our solution makes it easy to collect ESG (or other) data, directly at its source. Farmers, field staff, haulers, third parties and other service providers can easily share their relevant data points via our portal or mobile, so you can quickly and accurately track and report on your sustainability or compliance metrics.

Streamline compliance with a true one-system approach

MADCAP can support your ESG and compliance data collection either in your own format or following one of the various industry frameworks available. You can then combine this with the operational savings in transportation and quality that MADCAP enables directly and visualize it all on our flexible business analytics solution.

The benefits


Dairy executives gain a holistic view of their operation with centralized access to the data necessary for compliance and auditability against governing standards. An example of this is some MADCAP clients calculate their Greenhouse Gas emissions, publishing that information globally as part of their environmental initiatives.

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Digitize data collection

MADCAP's mobile apps and portals make it easy to collect data from producers, without the need for paper forms and double-handling data entry. Digital forms are customizable, and localized to an organization’s needs. Ask farmers to provide data themselves, or have your field staff validate or complete data on site on their behalf.

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One source of truth to report on

There’s no need to collect and analyze data sets from multiple sources, double-handle data or manage multiple spreadsheets. All data is up to date and accessible from within a single platform, creating efficiencies in workflows and transparency across your organization.

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See MADCAP in action


"Being able to access farm and milk data without needing to go through different departments saves a significant amount of time".

Leanne Cutler Supplier Services Support Officer at Westland Milk Products