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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you can't find the information you need in these FAQs, reach out to our knowledgeable team for assistance.

Who owns the data in MADCAP?

You own all of your data and can access it in several ways:

  • With MADCAP use any SQL compatible analytics tool, such as Power BI to build your custom reports. 
  • The powerful API allows you to pull (and push) data from the system and integrate it with other software.
  • MADCAP has pre-built interfaces with the most popular ERPs in the market.
  • Access all your data on an SQL, Azure SQL, or Amazon RDS, via MADCAP, on your business intelligence tools of choice. Several Power BI reports are built ready for you to use. 

How can I see the the software?

You can book a personalized demo here.

Can I interface MADCAP with other systems, like an ERP? MADCAP can connect with multiple systems by design. MADCAP is designed to be fully modular, so it’s common for our clients to use parts of it and integrate it with other systems already in place. 

The most common connections we provide are:
  • To and from onboard systems on trucks that measure volume collected and sample IDs. 
  • With ERPs for Goods Receipts, Vendor Master, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger transactions. We have pre-built interfaces with SAP, Oracle MS D365, and others.
  • We connect directly with banking systems for payment execution.
  • We can connect with laboratory equipment, like the Foss line.
  • We can read data directly from the scales/weighbridge
  • Producer/farmer data can be displayed on our portal or app, but we can also display it on 3rd party portals.
  • Finally, all your data is available on a reporting DB (SQL, Azure SQL, Amazon RDS) for you to connect with your business intelligence tool of choice.
Does MADCAP have a report writer?

Yes, the intuitive report writer enables the quick production of customized reports. No third-party database licenses are required, and all MADCAP features are included in the license fee.  Additionally, we can also expose all your data on an SQL, Azure SQL, or Amazon RDS so you can run your business intelligence tools of choice on it. We have several Power BI reports built already for you to use. Learn more

What support do you have?

We offer 24-hour support to all our customers at a fixed annual cost. Our support team works around the clock to ensure all issues are resolved promptly, and we pride ourselves on this. You can contact them here: MADCAP Support

Is there a mobile app?

We have a Hauler Mobile app and a Producer Mobile app. These apps are available on both Android and iOS and have an unlimited number of users.

What languages are supported?

MADCAP is currently available in English, with variants for US, AU, or NZ-specific dairy terminology. The system is also available in Spanish, with about ten variants to adjust to local terminology in each country. There is also a French, Chinese, and Portuguese version. We can also translate MADCAP into another language if required.

Does MADCAP support global compliance and regulation?

Yes, MADCAP is implemented and complies with the legal and local requirements in more than 25 countries.

MADCAP allows processors that operate across multiple countries, states, or regions within a country, to apply different rules, configurations, and currencies as required. This allows a single system that caters to all aspects of your milk supply chain, irrespective of geography. It also allows separate or consolidated reporting and payment processing.

What countries is MADCAP used in?

MADCAP is installed across six continents, has thousands of users  and is in 25 countries to date. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, USA, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji.

What are typical implementation costs?

MADCAP can be installed entirely remotely or on-premises, whatever your needs. The price of implementation varies depending on requirements. Implementation time frames are based on the project's scope, such as the number of modules and integration requirements. Most clients are typically implemented within 2 to 3 months.

What is the migration and implementation process?

Our fully documented migration process starts with analyzing your data and Master Data validation. Once complete, our team will migrate your data from legacy systems using our proven Extract, Transform, and Load tools. We'll also provide the guidance and expert help you need with processes and procedures to ensure you maximize your investment in the MADCAP suite.

How much does MADCAP cost?

Our cost structure is based on the number of modules and features required, as well as the size and complexity of the client, measured in the volume of milk collected and the number of farmers/producers. Learn more about licensing.

Can MADCAP be customized?

We do offer custom development to all clients where necessary. However, with customer-centered development, we're constantly working and evaluating the needs of our clients to develop functionality that works for them now and in the future. We have a rich set of features already available out of the box, so custom-build requests are infrequent.

What is the advantage of moving to a fully integrated procurement system with a single platform architecture?

By having one platform, you have one source of truth for all your data. This allows you, on the one hand, to use any data on any field in any module for calculations for payments and incentives, for example. At the same time, you can easily allow access to the relevant data to your producers/farmers, haulers, or 3rd parties.

Finally, having consistent and standardized data helps our clients today run advanced machine learning algorithms to improve their operations even further.

What are some key features and advantages of the open architecture system via an SQL database?

Our open architecture is reflected in our powerful API. We can easily connect MADCAP to other systems. We have pre-built interfaces with commercial ERPs, and all your data is easily accessible via a reporting SQL database. Learn more


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