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Milk tanker transport across icy roads

Scheduling & Route

A comprehensive milk transport management solution made for the exacting requirements of the dairy industry.

Transport raw milk to the right place at the right time

Transportation of raw milk  is costly and challenging. Given its perishable nature, the importance of moving it to the right place, on time, is critical. To handle complexities such as managing multiple haulers, co-mingling, moving loads between farms, processors and plant-to-plant, you need a reliable and accurate solution that streamlines your supply chain operations.

Move milk with efficiency

MADCAP gives you greater insight and control, with accurate real-time monitoring of raw milk load temperatures, volumes and precise location information on trucks and their routes. Access to real-time data helps to reduce costs, maintain milk quality, manage the sale of excess milk or the trade of derivatives, reduce errors and carbon emissions, while streamlining processes and collection of data.

  • Accurately forecast the amount of milk available for collection from a farm or collection center
  • Track and monitor each and every pickup, movement and plant dropoff
  • Instantly schedule and organize loads, automatically for the best route and order of pickup for each hauler and driver – considering route and farm characteristics, such as access, milking times and road conditions
  • Reduce mileage with the most efficiently planned routes, saving time and reducing fuel consumption
  • Collaborate with all supply chain partners in real-time with automatic and seamless communications and notifications of every activity

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The benefits

Real-time data

Communication is simplified as all milk collection and receiving data can be passed from the hauler to the dairy company in real-time. With precise GPS vehicle tracking, you can monitor the progress of all route and arrival times, easily respond to any unforeseen circumstances, all while keeping track of driver performance and their safety while out on the road.

Planning transport routes

Route optimization

Each truck is scheduled on the most optimized route to reduce the distance traveled, fuel consumed and carbon emissions produced. Plus, our technology ensures trucks in the fleet are capable of the most efficient reuse on the same day. This translates to significant savings, large reductions in labor costs and importantly reduces delays which saves you time.

truck driver on road

Enhanced transparency and traceability

With the use of the driver’s mobile solution, or with our integration to on-board systems on the truck, you can quickly determine which producer's product was collected in which compartment of the truck and which producer’s product was received at the silos at the dairy company's receiving plant. Ultimately this provides better clarity, full traceability and easy management of the co-mingling and swapping of milk.

With MADCAP, every transaction and movement in relation to the supply and trade of milk is recorded. Any point of loss can be identified quickly with visibility down to the milk tanker or vat so situations can be addressed quickly.

MADCAP Mobile Manifest on a mobile device

Accurate milk forecasts

Planning is made easy for dairy companies and haulers with knowledge of what quantity of milk is being picked up for a day. It makes forecasting more accurate and enables scheduling to be carried out weeks and months in advance, with dynamic adjustments as milk production changes.

Milk flowing through pipe

“MADCAP makes scheduling more efficient, preventing unnecessary collection costs”

Leanne CutlerSupplier Services Support Officer at Westland Milk Products

See MADCAP in action

MADCAP on screen in office with Development Manager

Licensing options

Our pricing and licensing options are designed to offer choice, such as annual licensing or monthly subscriptions to fit any sized organization.

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