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Dairy farm and crop with hauling truck and silos


We help the dairy and agricultural industries achieve transparency, accuracy, compliance, and global traceability.


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Sustainable & traceable supply chains

Watch the video about why consumers want transparency and sustainability in the dairy sector and how the dairy industry can provide it with digitalization.


A better way to connect and manage your supply chain

Enable greater operational productivity and profitability through more efficiency, visibility and control, using a single-platform solution.

Automate for time and cost efficiency

Automate manual steps in your procurement processes, improve data integrity and real time availability while saving valuable time and freeing your resources for more value-added activities.

Our scheduling and route optimization functionality can further save time on manual activities but, more importantly, it can provide you with considerable savings in transportations costs.

Timely & accurate information
Improve transparency and traceability

Track commodities through the entire supply chain with a robust and fully auditable system. Eliminate reliance on outdated spreadsheets that cause audit issues, not to mention data duplication and disparate systems.

Instant access to accurate information will empower your business and improve decision-making.

MADCAP-Icon_Milk Quality_Med
Enhance production quality

MADCAP is fully compliant with country-specific requirements. It manages quality testing regimes, ensuring that testing parameters are strictly adhered to.

Plus, better monitoring during transport and collection, and timely identification and remediation of irregularities, reduces loss and the risk of further production issues.

Reduce operational costs

MADCAP is a best-of-breed solution, scalable to the needs of your operations. That means you’re only paying for one platform with fixed pricing. There is no need to custom build and maintain technology with in-house development, with cost savings through consolidating IT systems.


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Guide for automating your milk supply chain

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