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Laboratory Management

Collect accurate data, improve management of quality testing and securely share data and reporting with stakeholders.

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Optimize the quality of your milk

Timely access to laboratory test results through an automated process that integrates with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can enable processors to identify and remediate issues, meet and maintain quality standards and create greater efficiencies in testing regimes. This solution enables producers and dairy companies to instantly view milk results with complete transparency.

Automate for quality testing, scheduling and collection

MADCAP’s advanced Laboratory Management solution provides real-time optimization for milk sample testing, results reporting, and analysis with a direct connection to laboratories. Designed specifically for the dairy industry and used in some of the most demanding of markets, MADCAP Laboratory Management can handle any number of parameters.

  • Instantly view milk results with complete transparency the moment results are processed to identify quality issues early on
  • Further enhance your laboratory solution through integration with laboratory equipment and robotics to completely automate your testing process

The benefits

Clean, real-time data

New milk quality results are automatically sent from the lab to the dairy company and producer in real-time as soon as samples are processed. Data entered into the platform is validated – making the data clean and trustworthy, which ultimately makes it easier to grade milk, providing substantial savings.

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Testing schedule

MADCAP can automatically determine what tests are required for the collected sample, ensuring that each producer is correctly sampled for things such as bacteria and antibiotics. This saves time, reduces costly mistakes where the incorrect or unnecessary testing is carried out.

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MADCAP provides an audit trail of what samples were tested each day and which producer each sample came from. This helps to simplify the audit process and meet IFS Certification obligations.

Customizing software


Producers can receive real-time alerts regarding milk quality changes. Dairy companies can be alerted of variances and hold back this information to investigate and confirm or remove the variance before releasing it to producers.

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Automated adverse results process

The Laboratory Management solution allows testing follow-up after a producer receives an adverse milk quality result. The platform will keep re-testing this producer until the results reach the specified metrics.

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Enhanced traceability

Barcoding GR/RFD of samples assists in correctly matching each sample to its producer and load. This enables the grading of milk to occur in real-time. So, the payments for each producer can happen fast and accurately. Milk can also be traced back to the individual farm silo.

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See MADCAP in action

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Licensing options

Our pricing and licensing options are designed to offer choice, such as annual licensing or monthly subscriptions to fit any sized organization.


"It allows us to pay our farmers correctly and on-time without manual inputs…reporting is accurate, and we have confidence in our reporting systems now without the risk of any inbuilt errors."


Steve McBrideGeneral Manager of Milk Supplier Relations at Open Country