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Scalable solutions to flex with the needs of your operations.

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For any size of organization

Just like our solutions, our licensing options are designed to offer choice, with  annual license or monthly subscription packages.

Flexible solutions

MADCAP is adaptable to your requirements and functionality, scaling to the size of your enterprise.

We keep things simple by avoiding complicated tiered packages, there are a number of MADCAP solutions that come with a new implementation to allow you to manage your supply chain better from day one. From there, everything else can be configured to your requirements with additional MADCAP customization can be scoped out and deployed for your MADCAP implementation.

As MADCAP offers the most comprehensive solution ‘out-of-the-box’ you could have your MADCAP instance live in as little as two months or less.

MADCAP subscriptions

  • Monthly subscription
  • Annual subscription

Manage cash flow and get flexibility with a month-to-month subscription.

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Pay upfront and save with a single annual fee.

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Flexible licensing

Unlimited users

MADCAP offers unlimited user access, so it grows as your business does.

No lengthy or locked-in contracts

We don’t lock you into license terms (but we’re yet to have a client leave us in 30+ years).

No 3rd party license fees
You only pay your MADCAP license, and there are no additional third party fees.

Talk to us about licensing

Contact our team for learn the best option for your organization.
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