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Member Equity

Designed specifically for the requirements of dairy industry co-ops.

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Manage co-operative member and investment data in one place

For a dairy co-op managing member or shareholder equity, it’s critical you accurately store and provide access to important data amongst the cooperative. With MADCAP’s fully integrated approach to this, specifically designed for co-ops, you can have confidence in recording each and every transaction between members or shareholders, correctly calculate dividends and ensure voting entitlements are taken up.

Streamline administration and compliance

MADCAP enables you to define share or security types, issue shares to members or shareholders and manage all transactions, including transfer and cancellation. From within this solution, you can also manage and automate administrative tasks like shareholder meetings, voting papers, management of voting entitlements, vote entry and reporting. Calculation and payment of dividends, member-based reporting, dividend reinvestment and compliance with taxation regimes are easily managed from a single source of truth.

The benefits

Enhanced member communication

Facilitate communication with members enabling dairy co-ops to send timely updates, notifications, and statements regarding equity-related matters. This improves transparency and fosters stronger member relationships.

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Efficient equity transactions

MADCAP simplifies the handling of equity transactions, such as issuing, redeeming, or transferring shares. It provides a secure and transparent platform for managing these transactions, reducing paperwork, and streamlining the overall process.

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Comprehensive reporting and analytics

MADCAP generates detailed reports and analytics on member equity, offering insights into equity trends, member participation, and financial performance. These reports help make informed decisions, track member engagement and demonstrate stakeholder accountability.

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Streamlined member equity management

MADCAP automates and centralizes managing member equity, making it easier to track, calculate, and report on equity holdings. This eliminates manual tasks and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date equity records.

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Asset Management

Add the Asset Management solution to provide extensive capabilities to manage any asset types whether they be on the farm or at the plant, and any relation with member’s equity related to the asset. Maintain and track assets over time for more accurate reporting, planning and resource investment.


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"Our farmers have benefited too. They appreciate the real-time data they get."


Leanne CutlerSupplier Services Support Officer at Westland Milk Products

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