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Hauler Mobile

Get unprecedented on-the-go visibility of your milk procurement supply chain.

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Move raw milk from farm to factory more efficiently

Managing your fleet of haulers across large geographic areas is logistically challenging. A reliance on paper-based and informal records gives you little agility in optimizing routes, and compromises time and cost savings. Instead, a connected network is an efficient one; power your hauling operations with real-time data from a centralized platform, accessible on-the-go.

Simplify the logistics of your milk hauler fleets

Our integrated milk collection solution connects milk hauling operations with drivers through a mobile app. Data seamlessly flows from MADCAP’s fully integrated scheduling and route optimization solutions, providing drivers with optimal routes, instant route updates, communications, and flexible and dynamic information exchange with dairy processors and hauling companies. 

Drivers can then easily capture all the pickup information directly in the app, including validation on entry to ensure the data is always correct. By eliminating delays in information at the hauler or processor level, you’ll alleviate data validation issues, reduce reliance on paper-based and informal records, and give haulers access to timely information they can rely on.

  • Drivers can avoid filling in paper forms and capture data directly on the app. Reducing potential errors by validating data when captured. They can easily scan sample QR, Barcodes or RFID Tags immediately with the app, saving precious time
  • Get on-the-go access to critical milk pick-up and drop-off information for haulers and processors in real-time
  • React quickly to changes in operations, with all data instantly updated across MADCAP’s centralized system
  • Provide real-time optimization of each hauler’s scheduled routes between farms, plants and everywhere in between
  • Save on costs and time, and reduce carbon emissions, through less idle time on farm, reduced miles traveled and greater tanker load utilization

The benefits

  • Data
  • Route optimization
  • Notifications
  • Milk forecasting

Real-time and clean data

All milk collection and receiving data is passed from the hauler to the dairy company in real-time, eliminating delay. Plus, all data entered into the app is validated on entry – ensuring data is clean and trustworthy for dairy companies to analyze.

Route optimization

Each hauler and truck is scheduled on the best route to reduce the distance traveled, plus our technology ensures trucks in the fleet are capable of the most efficient reuse on the same day. There’s also the flexibility to change drivers or trucks, as well as adjust routes easily directly in the Hauler Mobile app.

Notifications on arrival

Precise GPS tracking keeps farmers and processors up-to-date as milk collection progresses and automatically records all activity details. As a hauler pulls-up or departs, notifications keep everyone fully informed.

Accurate milk forecasting

Dairy companies and haulers know what quantity of milk is being picked up for any given day, making forecasting more accurate. When only a partial pick-up is made, it’s automatically recognized without the need for manual input from a driver, saving time and reducing errors.

Enhanced transparency

Each truck is tracked in real-time via GPS; the Hauler Mobile solution defines which producer's product was collected in which compartment in the truck and which farm’s product was received at the silos at the dairy companies. This helps to meet government regulations and consumer expectations including Federal, State and Country Orders. 

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Improve milk quality

With the Hauler Mobile solution, lab testing and quality control is made easy. Drivers simply scan QR codes or barcodes, this ensures the right samples are collected, errors are reduced and results are provided quickly. There’s total flexibility to customize pickup parameters to be captured, such as volume or dipstick, temperature, antibiotics or any other parameter. Drivers can also add comments or notes for any farm, or even reject milk if required to further provide an additional level of quality control.

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Offline functionality

In rural areas, Internet connectivity can be patchy. The app is designed to keep working even when Internet service isn’t available. Information is stored on the device, allowing it to be used offline and it’s automatically uploaded when online again. 

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Realize up to 80% reduction in manual data entry

When integrated with MADCAP’s Scheduling and Route Planning solutions, runs are pre-defined in the Hauler Mobile app each day. Some drivers have realized as much as 80% reduction in time wasted with previous manual data entry.


“MADCAP makes scheduling more efficient, preventing unnecessary collection costs. Data mining is instant- years of data can be accessed in less than a minute.”

Leanne CutlerSupplier Services Support Officer, at Westland Milk Products

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