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Westland Milk Products dairy cows and milk tanker

Westland Milk Products


About Westland Milk Products

Based on the West Coast of New Zealand, Westland Milk Products is a dairy company that has been operating for over 80 years and exports to 40 countries. They are dedicated to achieving excellence in all they do, from farm to factory to market. They pride themselves on being innovative and doing their job smarter. Keeping an open mind and being aware of new trends and technologies has enabled them to have a responsive, agile, resilient sustainable milk supply chain.

Westland Milk Products achieved a resilient, agile & sustainable milk supply chain by partnering with MADCAP to digitalize their milk supply chain. MADCAP has been implemented into its value chain for over 30 years. There has been a long-standing partnership with Westland Milk Products and MADCAP.

We asked two of Westland Milk Products' long-time staff, Leanne Cutler and Bridget Moynihan to share their experience of using MADCAP.


"MADCAP understands our issues and challenges fully. With this in mind, ongoing upgrades and services are delivered well in time with seasonal milk collections. We have full confidence in the team."

Bridget MoynihanSystem Analyst at Westland Milk Products

What do you value most about MADCAP?

 “I value the support of MADCAP’s on-call team - it is a huge part of the Westland Milk Products and MADCAP partnership success. The team is on call 24/7 with the ability to escalate support and response when necessary. The team is reliable and professional. I have found the MADCAP team has the best asset to offer, which other organizations are lacking, and that is the personal customer service interactions.

By offering this, the MADCAP team understands our issues and challenges fully. With this in mind, ongoing upgrades and services are delivered well in time with our seasonal milk collections. We have full confidence in their team.”

Bridget Moynihan Systems Analysts,
Westland Milk Products

 “When considering changes in the workplace, especially to the core software, it comes with a sense of trepidation as to how smoothly the transition will go. Getting through the development and commissioning stages and upskilling employees to new processes is generally a stressful period and experience. However, with MADCAP this was not the case. I value the team’s expert understanding of the dairy industry and our business needs coupled with their helpful and knowledgeable staff. This made our business transitions easy and much less stressful for our staff. The support staff is quick to respond to our needs and offer solutions to improve our business.”

- Leanne Cutler Supplier Services Support Officer ,
Westland Milk Products

How does MADCAP benefit Westland Milk Products?

 “MADCAP has been a great success in our business. The ability to connect with third-party data and its easy accessibility through MADCAP has provided ongoing benefits to Westland Milk Products. The MADCAP team is supportive and responsive to our unique needs and provides excellent development solutions. Interfaces with data flowing in/out of MADCAP has been a huge success, resulting in much-improved systems and processes.”

Bridget Moynihan Systems Analysts,
Westland Milk Products.

“MADCAP has benefited our business in several ways. Internally, being able to access farm and milk data without needing to go through different departments is a real time saver. It makes scheduling more efficient, preventing unnecessary collection costs. Data mining is instant – years of data can be accessed in less than a minute. Our farmers have benefited too. They appreciate the real-time data they get from the app – no more waiting for the once a day text message.”

Leanne Cutler Supplier Services Support Officer,
Westland Milk Products.


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