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Producer using a mobile device on farm

Producer Mobile

Give your producers/farmers access to key quality and component information, collaborate and communicate wherever they’re working.

Keep everyone up to date with farm operations, on-the-go

Being responsive to issues and changing conditions plays a part in quality production outcomes. But with often limited or unreliable location connectivity, it can be difficult for producers to have access to the up-to-date information they need. MADCAP’s Producer Mobile solution addresses these challenges by enabling online and offline access to critical quality and component information on the go.

In addition to your producers, give your field staff the capability to access farm details on the go as they visit farmers. They can capture detailed farm information directly in the app as well as record their visit, capture any notes and store any pictures.

Stay connected with one central system

Give producers greater transparency of their farm data when they need it. They can quickly access pickup details, quality results, payment information and be alerted via messages on news, truck arrivals and more. Timely access to a centralized platform for information helps to enhance communication, strengthen stakeholder relationships and give producers the data they need to make decisions that impact positively on production outcomes. As changes eventuate in day-to-day operations, you can quickly react with all data instantly updated across MADCAP’s centralized system.

  • Receive milk pickup and quality information in real-time
  • Record and view on-farm compliance data
  • Compare their performance with previous seasons
  • Benchmark their results against other farmers in the area
  • Receive instant messages within the mobile platform
  • Manage all farm contacts, communication and business development

The benefits

Compliance Certification

Farmers adhering to specific compliance standards can use on-farm data to provide evidence during certification audits, potentially opening up markets for certified products. Compliance data collection helps identify areas where resources are overused or underused, allowing for more precise resource management and cost savings.

Man to tablet

Real-time information

Receive your milk quality information in real-time on the same day as pick-ups. Alerts are sent out in real-time regarding milk quality changes. Gain transparency and communication across the entire payment process.

Farmer in the field with a mobile device

Ease of compliance

With a centralized place to record on-farm compliance data (GHGs, water usage, waste management, best agricultural practices, animal welfare practices, etc.), meeting legislative reporting requirements is hassle-free for both producer and processor. The app sends notifications on compliance items that require review.


Farmers looking at a mobile device

Enhance connection

Field service and member relation staff can communicate with producers through the app with ease, knowing when messages have been sent and received, allowing greater transparency. Manage all your contacts with extensive relationship management tools built in. Information is stored on the device, allowing it to be used offline. Data is automatically uploaded when online again.

Farmers doing business on farm

Environment Stewardship

Compliance data collected through the Producer App helps with sustainable and environmentally friendly farming. By collecting data on farming practices, authorities can assess their environmental impact. This helps and encourages practices that minimize soil erosion, water pollution, and other environmental concerns.

Cow in field with wind turbine

See MADCAP in action


"Our farmers have benefited too. They appreciate the real-time data they get from the app – no more waiting for the once a day text message.”

Leanne CutlerSupplier Services Support Officer at Westland Milk Products