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API & Interface

Get seamless and secure access to your MADCAP platform.

Connect your mission-critical systems

MADCAP has an extensive and clearly documented API so that you can integrate your critical business systems for a single view of all of your data sources. This includes banking systems for payment execution, laboratory equipment, scales/weighbridge and your trucks’ on-board volume collection systems too.

Integrate and connect your data

With pre-built interfaces for commercial ERPs, such as SAP iDocs, JDEdwards or Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Goods Receipts, Vendor Master, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger transactions, you can connect MADCAP directly to the systems that keep your administrative operations ticking.

Finally, double-handling of data analysis and reporting is reduced. All your data is available on a reporting database (SQL, Azure SQL, Amazon RDS) for you to connect with your business intelligence tool of choice. 

The MADCAP benefit

Seamless synchronization

By seamlessly synchronizing data to multiple SQL databases in real-time, our platform enables effortless interaction with essential business tools like Power BI.

MADCAP security

"MADCAP provides real-time access to all our milk-sourcing data via APIs and the open SQL database. This has enabled us to run our data analytics tools on top of the information, which provides insight / competitive advantage."

Land O'Lakes

"...The ability to connect with third-party data and its easy accessibility through MADCAP has provided ongoing benefits to Westland Milk Products...Interfaces with data flowing in/out of MADCAP has been a huge success, resulting in much-improved systems and processes."

Bridget MoynihanSystems Analysts at Westland Milk Products

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