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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 01/06/23


Our Privacy Policy is designed to explain how we collect, store, and utilize your personal information, as well as your rights to access and modify it.

Please note that the use of our website is governed by the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020, and by continuing to use our website, you're deemed to have consented to the Privacy Policy and the collection of your information in accordance with it. We also recommend viewing our Website's Terms of Use.

Type of information we collect

We collect various types of information, including personal contact details like email and non-personally identifiable details such as company name, as well as anonymous data related to website usage.

How we collect information

Information is collected on our website to enhance its functionality and improve the experience when using it. We prioritize the safety of your information by securely storing it and granting access only to selected employees, and third parties for business purposes. We gather a variety of information, including personal details, to conduct business, communicate with you, and provide products and services including:

  • Personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and other personal details provided in relation to sending communications and the submission of forms
  • Billing and purchase
  • Applying for employment
  • In connection with activities on our website such as the downloading materials
  • For training, support services
  • We may automatically collect anonymous data about your visit to help improve the website’s performance
  • Our marketing automation system may use cookies to track website usage to provide personalized content and a better website experience. See below for more information on cookies
  • Other sources such as industry bodies or tradeshows

What information is used for

We take great care in securely storing and utilizing the information you provide us. It's used to correspond with you regarding any inquiry made or as part of our operations or providing products and services. Your information is never sold to third parties or other organizations and is only used in the ways we've outlined.

Information is used in the following ways:

  • Administration, research and analysis
  • For sending emails in connection with any inquiry and providing product and service information
  • To enable targeting of online advertising in connection to products and services
  • Sharing with internal staff for recruitment, sales, support delivery or third-party contractors
  • Sharing with third-party service providers that may be contracted to Contec Group International for specific services

By using our website, you agree to the disclosure of your personal information to the parties listed above.


If you ever wish to stop receiving promotional and marketing communications from us, you can simply use the "unsubscribe" function in the footer of any of our promotional emails or send us an email directly. We respect your privacy and your decision to opt-out.

Your access to personal information

If you would like to access or modify your personal information held by us, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us via email at or phone +64 3 338 0191. We're committed to ensuring the accuracy of your information and promptly addressing any questions or concerns you may have.


Our website utilizes cookies to enhance your online experience. These small data files are used by your web browser during and after your visit to our site to anonymously collect aggregate data and remember visitor preferences. In addition, third-party cookies from Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook may be used to anonymously track and target advertising based on your web session.

In certain cases, when a visitor submits their name and email address through a form, this information may be combined with a cookie to personalize web content and record website preferences for the user.

Some cookies are vital for the website's operation, and it's strongly advised not to block these cookies as it may affect the website's performance and functionality. For more information on cookies and how to manage them, please visit

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