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Dairy Plant with Milk Hauling Truck (1)

Connecting the
dairy supply chain

MADCAP securely automates and manages every aspect of your raw milk procurement - ensuring you stay one step ahead.

World-leading technology

MADCAP is a scalable platform, integrated and configurable to the operational needs of your dairy business. From the smallest dairy processors to multinational food companies, our modular solutions connect your supply chain, enabling communication and collaboration between partners. The result is greater efficiency, transparency, accuracy and traceability across the supply chain, giving everyone the confidence to succeed in a progressive era of global dairy production.

Our clients

Leading dairy companies and cooperatives from around the world trust MADCAP to power their dairy supply chain.

Farmers on a dairy farm using a mobile device

MADCAP digitizes dairy operations around the world

Driving efficiency and sustainability for a more productive and profitable industry 
28 Countries
200K+ Farms
160Billion Pounds Collected
6500+ Trucks
40Billion+ In Annual Producer Payments

Featured solutions

  • Transport
  • Collection
  • Quality
  • Payments & Billing
  • Communications & Collaboration
  • Data & Analytics


Collect milk efficiently, with clear visibility of runs and loads across all your trucks and logistical operation. Accurate, real-time monitoring of raw milk load temperatures, volumes and location enables more informed decisions around scheduling, route optimization and delivery, giving you greater control over milk quality.

MADCAP-Icon_Transport_Med   Scheduling, Dispatch & Route Optimization

MADCAP-Icon_Mobile_Med   Hauler Mobile


Obtain full traceability and efficiency in your procurement operations, from farm to factory. Real-time data capture gives you visibility over collected volumes of each milk load, enabling more efficient reporting and the ability to respond to any issues that arise quickly.

MADCAP-Icon_Procurement_Sml-1   Milk Receiving


Achieve confidence in compliance and product standards. Access to critical, real-time data allows for timely identification and remediation of irregularities, reducing the risk of further issues throughout the production process.

MADCAP-Icon_Milk Quality_Sml   Quality Management

MADCAP-Icon_Lab_Sml   Laboratory Management

Payments & Billing

Get complete transparency across contracts and payments with greater accuracy and visibility of all payment data. Automate transactions, forecast payments, connect customer and supplier data, pay haulers and producers, and manage complex transaction formulas from a single platform.

MADCAP-Icon_Milk Accounting_Sml   Customer Billing

MADCAP-Icon_Hauler Payroll_Sml   Hauler Payroll

MADCAP-Icon_Asset Management_Sml   Producer Payroll

Communications & Collaboration

Stay up to date with farm information, wherever you need to work. Access to more timely pickup, quality and component information in a centralized reporting and communication platform enables better, more streamlined decision-making, with greater transparency across teams and stakeholders.

MADCAP-Icon_Producer App_Sml   Producer/Farmer & Field Service Mobile

MADCAP-Icon_Web Portal_Sml   Portals

Data & Analytics

Unleash your data's potential with MADCAP's seamless integration and connectivity to enhance decision-making across operations and gain a competitive advantage.

MADCAP-White-Icon_Business Analytics_Sml   Business Analytics

MADCAP-White-Icon_Compliance Managment_Sml   ESG & Compliance

MADCAP-White-Icon_API and Interface_Sml   API & Integration


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