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Peanut Farm Crop

Specialty Crops

Our flexible solutions meet the needs of a variety of agricultural producers and farmers across the global food industry.

Automate and manage your supply chain for greater efficiency

Better manage all aspects of your supply chain, including collection, testing and producer and supplier payments. Our solutions are easily configured to the unique needs of each crop, and are perfect for specialty crops with higher value yields such as peanuts, coffee, cocoa beans or coconuts.

Automating your supply chain capabilities with MADCAP will improve quality, traceability and efficiency throughout each aspect of your operations. Like with dairy, harvest crops can realize massive advantages by automating supply chain operations.

How MADCAP supports your operations

One integrated platform

MADCAP is scalable and configurable to the needs of your operations. That means you’re only paying for one platform with a suite of capabilities. This integrated platform removes information silos and double-handling, and enables data to flow seamlessly across your entire operation.

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Improve transparency and traceability

Connect your operations and get access to all business data in one place, in real time, from wherever you need to work. Track produce through the entire supply chain with a robust and fully auditable system. Eliminate reliance on outdated spreadsheets that cause audit issues, not to mention data duplication and disparate systems.

Instant access to accurate information will empower your business, improve decision-making and give you greater control over the quality of your produce.

Harvest of soy bean crop

Efficient route planning

Optimize schedules for the best route and order of pickup for each hauler and driver. Precise GPS tracking keeps farmers and processors up-to-date as milk collection progresses and automatically records all activity details.

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Improved data quality

Automation reduces costly errors and saves on labor input - reducing costs or resourcing requirements. With the elimination of manual data entry, both productivity and auditability are improved, while data discrepancies and costly payment errors are avoided.

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Efficient farmer payments and communications

Simplify calculations and manage farmer payments accurately and transparently. Automate transactions, forecast payments, connect customer and supplier data, pay farmers, and manage complex transaction formulas from a single platform. With MADCAP’s collaborative customer relationship management tools, it’s easier to give farmers access to accurate, up-to-date information, in real-time.

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Discover how MADCAP can enable you to efficiently manage every aspect of your supply chain across a diverse range of agricultural crops. 

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