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Oceania Dairy


About Oceania Dairy

Oceania Dairy  is a prominent player in the dairy industry and now sits alongside a range of collaborative organisations within the Yili family. Oceania Dairy has been utilising MADCAP Dairy Software for over a decade to streamline its milk supply chain and quality management processes. Leveraging MADCAP's robust features, Oceania Dairy has enhanced its operational efficiency and maintained a competitive edge in the market.


Key Features of MADCAP Used by Oceania Dairy

Oceania Dairy harnesses MADCAP's comprehensive suite of functionalities to optimize various aspects of its dairy operations:

  • Collecting and storing milk production and quality data for farmer suppliers facilitates real-time monitoring and strategic planning.
  • Supplier portal access for farmers to retrieve essential production and quality data, fostering transparency and collaboration.
  • Milk payment module for generating accurate payment statements, streamlining financial processes, and ensuring timely supplier payments.

  • Seamless integration with our external milk transportation contractor and MilkTest NZ automates data exchange and enhances operational efficiency, ensuring seamless integration. 


"MADCAP's support team always meets our needs, highlighting their responsiveness, expertise, and commitment to resolving issues promptly."

Shane Lodge,General Manager of Milk Supply and Environment

What's your favorite feature?

“Oceania Dairy's favorite feature of MADCAP is its centralised database, which consolidates all milk-related data, including production, quality, and supplier information. This feature aligns seamlessly with the company's efficiency and data-driven decision-making commitment.”



What do you value most about MADCAP?

"MADCAP's usability, reliability, and integration capabilities are the primary reasons for the recommendation. By consolidating multiple functionalities into a user-friendly platform, MADCAP empowers Oceania Dairy to streamline operations and drive productivity.”



How do you find the MADCAP support?

“MADCAP's support team always meets our needs, highlighting their responsiveness, expertise, and commitment to resolving issues promptly. The consistent support from the MADCAP team reinforces Oceania Dairy's confidence in the software's reliability and performance."

What's it like working with the MADCAP team?

“We want to emphasize the MADCAP team's expertise, responsiveness, and unwavering support. The collaborative partnership between Oceania Dairy and Contec ensures seamless software implementation and ongoing optimization to meet evolving business needs.”

Shane Lodge
General Manager of Milk Supply and Environment



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