Whatever your milk supply chain management needs, we have the perfect solution for you, plus the services to back it up.


We offer on-site installation services, which are all managed according to a documented implementation plan. This considers all aspects of the milk supply chain.


Implementations are planned well in advance, with data-matching processes ensuring a successful migration from legacy systems. As part of the implementation process, configuration, integration requirements and methods of use (i.e. procedures), are documented for future reference to assist with support services.

We provide comprehensive training, with extensive training documentation. Users are initially trained using standard training documentation, then skilled on client-specific systems. All modules have standard procedure documents that clearly define daily and periodic procedures. As part of training, these standard procedure documents are modified to include any specific requirements, including reporting or other steps specific to the client.

We offer 24-hour support for all Madcap implementations. This service includes phone, email, live messaging via Skype and remote access support, as well as on-site support when requested. Support contracts also include platform and system upgrades. Support is a combination of partner-based services which are backed up by our support center in New Zealand.

We offer extensive customization services where required. Madcap will generally cover more than 95% of requirements in its standard form, making the need for customization minimal. Customization is usually focused on client-specific integration needs and supplier/member documentation.

Madcap is currently offered in English, Chinese and Spanish. The translation process is relatively simple, so additional languages can be added quickly if requested. We will provide a standard translation for any requested language. Following the deployment of this language, client-specific modifications can be made to take account of any country- and/or region-specific terminology.

We offer a full hosting service for Madcap and can host your applications on a dedicated server built to your database specifications or within a Hyper-V environment. We provide seamless and secure access to your Madcap system.


Some of the benefits of hosting Madcap with us include:

  • · Scheduled backups of your data to safe offsite locations
  • · Regular updates and upgrades of server hardware and operating systems
  • · Strong antivirus and anti-spyware protection
  • · Fast, reliable and secure access to your data via the cloud, with dedicated always-up internet connections and redundant secondary internet connections
  • · On-call IT support 24 hours a day
  • · Reliable, trusted server hardware
  • · Remote VPN access
  • · Web application/ portal hosting
  • · Over 15 years’ hosting experience